Top 10 Small-Business apps 2016

Struggling to communicate within your business? Do you manage your time effectively? When handed a project, do you manage it well enough? Need an easy way for customers to pay? Drowning in paperwork and finding it hard to organise your time? If so, here are the most productive business apps for you!


  1. Addappt – this app lets your business associates (and friends) update their contact information in your address book. The app’s developers say their product allows your social network to almost “maintain itself.” If, for example, your supplier also uses Addappt and just got a new phone number, they could make that update in your address book, to save you the hassle of  endless emails/phone calls wondering ‘why aren’t they replying’ all because they’ve gotten a new number… You can also organise contacts into different groups and send messages via Addappt, which is free on both the iTunes app store and for Android users.tumblr_static_8ssgn20rk7wg00wkk44ww4ggc.png
  2. Slack – this enables you to organise your team conversations into separate, private or public ones, or even send direct messages to your associates. It also provides an easy way to share images, files, PDF or document, as well as any message, notification or file is automatically archived and indexed within the app.”Slack users saw 48.6% fewer internal emails and held 25.1% fewer meetings after installing and using the app, leading to a 32% overall increase in productivity, according to a company survey.”Another positive thing about this app is the fact there’s no limit to how many people use it, and it’s free! However, there are more features available when you upgrade the app where the standard plan costs £8 a month which comes with added benefits like unlimited app integration, full archive of your team’s message history and group calls.Slack CMYK.png

Time management

  1. Rescuetime – so this app is actually pretty cool in the way it automatically tracks how much time you’ve spent on applications and websites which gives you an accurate picture of how you managed your time that day. It then sends you detailed reports based on your activity that day as well as suggesting how it could have been spend more productively. The app works for Mac, PC, Android and Linux, it’s also free when you use the Lite version, but the premium version works out at around £6 a month (£72 a year) which comes with loads of added features (alerts, the ability to block distracting websites, more detailed reports and filters), and you get the first 4 months free when you buy
  2. Clear – This app helps you to create and categorise your daily tasks into multiple lists and schedules, in order to help you organise everything efficiently. It also allows you to set reminders for yourself so you never forget again. Clear prides itself on ease of use and navigation: it can be easily adjusted by pulling down a task, pinching a task and, finally, swiping it off the screen once it’s completed. Everything can be synced among your Mac desktop, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod Touch. Clear costs £4.99 for iPhones and £9.99 for desktops.flat-clear

Project management

  1. BaseCamp – This is probably the easiest of the project management apps to use. It’s interface is streamlined and intuitive, and it’s super easy to invite colleagues/ people working with you on the project, chat within the projects, create checklists, attach files and even allows you to track your progress.However, this ease does come at the cost of some flexibility: For example, you can’t do advanced reporting or budgeting, and it’s hard to see everything in one glance. If your projects are straightforward and you don’t want to devote much time to learning a new system, it could be a good pick.With Basecamp, you pay per project instead of per user — users are unlimited. Plans start at $20 per month for 10 projects and go up to $150 a month for unlimited projects.basecamp
  2. Trello- Trello’s main strength is that it’s highly visual. On any bit of the site you can create several lists, and move online post-it notes between them as the status of a particular project changes. For instance, each article has a post-it note, and we drag those notes from list to list depending on where they are in the writing process: assigned, writing, editing, ready to publish, etc. You can attach files, create checklists, and assign members to each note so they’re updated as the status of the article changes. Team members can chat directly on each note, too.Trello


  1. Square- If your business depends on point-of-sale purchases but you have a limited budget for payment systems, Square could be a life-saver. Plug in a small card-reader to your smartphone or tablet, and you can swipe credit cards and process payments just like any established retailer. You don’t have to be connected to the Internet, you can use email or text messages to send receipts, and the system can even allow customers to leave a tip of 15%, 20%, or 25%.square
  2. PayPal- PayPal is a convent platform that you can use to pay people and get paid, something you have to do a lot of as a small-business owner. PayPal lets you link our credit and debit accounts and other bank accounts to your PayPal account, thereby making transactions quick and painless. PayPal reacted to the emergence of Square by creating an app that lets businesses use a tablet or other device and PayPal’s card reader as a portable register.paypal


  1. KanbanFlow- On KanbanFlow, a web-based app, managers can assign tasks to their colleagues, upload documents and schedule due dates. KanbanFlow visualizes your workflow and simplifies communication among team members. What’s more, KanbanFlow’s basic version is free and works on most smartphones and PCs and Macs.KanbanFlow
  2. Evernote- With Evernote, you can clip bits and pieces of information from the web, tag them for easy searching, and alter any of them by adding to it, condensing it, or embedding pictures, tables, audio, video, and the like. You can also use Evernote for organic notes and journaling, to-do lists, recipes, contacts, and even storage for tweets or emails that you want to keep handy.evernoteIf you enjoyed then why not?

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