Computer Cleaning Month!

None of us can see germs as they’re invisible to the human eye, so we end up ignoring the fact that they are literally EVERYWHERE. You’re sitting at a desk all day where you’re constantly touching the same keyboard/ mouse after eating, going to the toilet, shaking hands etc. and you don’t realise that they’re actually covering the whole of your desk. Never fear, October is here! This is a great chance to give your office a wipe down for Computer Cleaning Month.

If you could give a ball park figure of how many germs collect up in your office, what would it be?

Leaving your work area untidy could encourage a habitat for harmful bacteria to live freely. Effectively this means you’re breathing in all kinds of infectious bacteria during your work day. Research has found that the average keyboard found in an office has more bacteria per swab than a toilet seat. Ugh! Unless you maintain a clean, tidy desk, eating at your desk is about as hygienic as eating in a bathroom stall. Just a quick wipe over every couple days, or even at the end of each day, significantly reduces the risk of bacteria multiplying and nesting on your work space and tech.


Failure to regularly clean your equipment also means the system may overheat and cause clog’s in the computer’s hard-drive; affecting the cooling system. So, a simple wipe down isn’t such a task compared to lugging your broken computer to the bin.

Commonly used equipment such as the keyboard, computer, telephone, mouse etc. are essential. It prevents spending a bomb on a new computer as a result of a build-up of germs.

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