Creepy Halloween Makeup

Halloween trends get crazier every year. People get more skilled in special FX and create tutorials for others to attempt their Halloween costume – even if they do end up looking like the friendliest clown ever rather than Pennywise from IT. This is the best opportunity to have some fun and be creative, and the one day you don’t have to worry about looking good, at all!

Makeup artists and Halloween enthusiasts have been coming up with more brilliant ideas every year, and boy do they thrive with time. They become weirder, stranger, even more disgusting; and we love their spirit!


Half a Face

Eugh! But it’s so real…

This is a wicked idea for a fairly quick Halloween mask, it looks horrifying and the contact lens gives it that finishing zombie look.


Ventriloquist Doll

This ventriloquist doll sends shivers through my spine. She has created an awesome Billy the puppet look. If only I had her skills with a tiny paintbrush!



These clowns in this recent craze doesn’t compare to how creepy this is! From a distance, the sharp teeth and dark eyes would looks scary as hell. A quick, easy Halloween makeup solution when you feel spoilt for choice.



Terrifying Zombie

This kid’s makeup is incredible! Personally, I couldn’t do this, but if you feel like giving it a go and do it well, I salute you. The way the mouth looks staples up is gruesome! Wicked costume idea no matter how good it turns out.


I can’t believe how well they’ve captured this alien look! Hats off to the artist.



Monster behind a mask

This is so creative – and horrifying! A must for a Halloween at some point in your life!


  I’m not sure what this is, but I don’t like it…

The black contact lenses combined with the petrifying mouth and wacky hair makes this look so intensely scary!


Queen of Darkness

Whoever created this look should have designed something for a creepier version of the Evil Queen in Snow White! Her soulless eyes and dark features brings this look together to create the scariest Queen of them all.


Two Faced Doll

This is all kinds of terrifying, and not too hard to copy either! This double act of doll and clown would make me want to run straight away!


Ice Queen

This Ice queen is a pale picture of horror ! The look is so simple; just some white face paint and black contacts! Imagine coming face to face with her on a dark, eerie night…


Screaming Harlequin Girl

Amazing Harlequin makeup done by an amazing artist! This look is truly petrifying and would certainly win the local pub’s Halloween makeup by miles!


Traditionally, masks and costume go hand-in-hand, however, if you’re getting a little too old for the trick-or-treat phase now and you’ve got a creative spark then these ideas are perfect for you to creep out your friends/ family.

For being the creepiest yet simple Halloween makeup ideas around, these take the cake. There’s dozens of tutorials on YouTube you can find for each so you shouldn’t have much of a problem trying to recreate these looks.


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