Punctuality Lessons: cures to your constant lateness

Let’s be honest, most things that make you late to work are your fault other than traffic jams, accidents and problems with family members. Luckily, we have a list of things that can help you cure your lateness!

  1. Pack your things for the morning so you’re prepared for the morning after
  2. Lay your clots out/ hang them up on your wardrobe so you know what you’re going to wear to save the hassle of scouring through your wardrobe for today’s outfit.
  3. If there’s little tasks to be done then don’t leave them for the morning, do it the night before to save you that extra 10 minutes.
  4. Have everything ready so you can make a quick breakfast, or eliminate the need for morning cooking altogether by making some overnight oats.
  5. Keep essentials in a safe place near the door so you always know where they are and you can easily pick them up on your way out the door.
  6. If you tend to leave your valuables lying around, like your wallet on the kitchen side, or phone on your bedside table, you might want to keep them all in the same place – perhaps on a table near the door?
  7. Think you’ve got spare time in the morning and end up being late? Try leaving 15 minutes early to avoid any problems.
  8.  If waiting makes you want to scream, maybe bring a book to read a few pages of so you’re definitely on time for that appointment?
  9. Always overestimate your time.
  10. It can be hard to judge how long it’s actually going to take to get somewhere, after traffic and other delays. Time your trip so that you account for any hold-ups.
  11. Remember to add 15 minutes to your estimated trip time to account for delays. If you figure it’ll take 40 minutes to get to the office, a meeting or appointment, leave 55 minutes early just in case something trips you up.



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