Why Is It Important To Schedule ‘Me Time’?

Why do we never seem to make time for ourselves? We’re always running round, busy as anything, and we never take a minute to think, ‘hey, maybe I would be less stressed if I just took a break.’ Sounds simple, right? It’s crucial to make yourself your number one priority every once in a while, push your to:do list back and relax.

Very busy business

Working yourself overtime can negatively impact you so much. Combining the stress with the inability to just sit and take some time to yourself may lead to serious mental health issues and health risks. These may include things such as heart attacks, strokes, headaches, premature death, anxiety, confusion, depression and even insomnia. If these aren’t enough reasons to spend some time relaxing, I don’t know what is!

Forgetting yourself is easy with an on-the-go lifestyle, it can almost go unnoticed you’ve stopped taking care of yourself. However, these 3 reasons to book yourself in for some ‘me time’ will make you realise just how much you need it.

  1. Recharge your body and mind

Tired from your over-bearing workload? When you’re feeling a little sluggish from work and family life, all you need to do is give yourself some time to recharge. You can do literally anything, as long as its what you enjoy doing whether that be reading a book or retail therapy. Slowing down and allowing your body to rejuvenate can increase your productivity levels as you won’t feel so stressed.


  1. Focus.

Regaining focus is best done through relaxation. Having a break from stress allows your mind to process information and make you more at ease; ready for work again tomorrow. The problem is that we’re all so focused on being focused that we forget the stress is impacting on our focus! You follow? Good. Focusing on you is the best way to achieve mindfulness and will make it easier for your future self to concentrate on tasks/projects and relax while doing them.


  1. Learn new things about yourself constantly.

Whether you’re setting out to find new hobbies you enjoy, a new skill or even just a stress-free activity, it allows you to set your mind on something and embrace your creative side to feel a sense of accomplishment because you’re doing something you love.


Treating yourself well means you’re able to work through the tough times as you always have your ‘me time’ to look forward to.


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