Winter is coming!

Winter is on it’s way and everyone around you is coming down with a cold, coughing, sneezing and spreading diseases. Most of us are stuck in offices with ill colleagues and are prone to catching a bug. We all long for summer to come back around as winter can be a nightmare. However, with these handy tips you’ll be sure to survive Winter’s harsh winds and snowy climates.



Stay active

Most of us tend to hide away in our homes during Winter, which obviously leads to lots more couch potatoes and laziness. To stay active all you need to do is work twice as hard to find even a little bit of motivation and then just go for it. Just be careful not to slip when running if you come across any icy paths!


Beat the winter blues

Winter isn’t exactly the happiest of seasons, despite the obvious reasons like Christmas and snow, whether you suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or not. One of the best things you can do is embrace all the positive things about Winter. Sure, it’s cold outside, but that just gives you an excuse to wrap up by the fire in a blanket and be cosy.  The key to staying happy throughout Winter is by focusing on the positive aspects Winter brings; drinking hot chocolate, chilling by the fire, pumpkin recipes, snowball fights and the list goes on and on.



Avoid dry eyes and skin

Our skin tends to become drier in these freezing temperatures due to the dry air around us. Taking care of your skin and eyes to avoid dryness by covering up your face and eyes with hats and scarves, and always be sure to use a good moisturiser.


Take an off-season holiday

The most obvious advice is if it’s too cold where you live, go somewhere else. So why not take a little off-season holiday? Even a 10-day reprieve will help you relax.


Stay healthy and avoid sickness

During Winter it’s necessary to wrap up warm to avoid sickness. Cold weather doesn’t directly cause colds, but the season for snotty noses and sneezes is in full swing. It’s not necessary to hide in your home, but you may just want to take a little bit of extra care. Decrease your chances of becoming ill by simply getting a good night’s sleep, washing your hands to get rid of lingering germs and stay active. It doesn’t take much!


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