Germs in the Office

You may think that something like a keyboard or the top of the desk couldn’t possibly get so dirty, but germs spread like jam on toast.

There’s no harm in giving these 5 things a wipe over every once in a while to prevent a pile up of germs and keep the office that little bit cleaner.

Computer mouse and keyboard

Really, no one other than you touches you personal keyboard or mouse besides one or two family members or friends, but it’s worse than you’d think! Few people clean their mouses/keyboards which means germs pile up over a period of time. A weekly clean wiping down your mouse and keyboard with disinfectant wipes should keep the germs away!


Top of the desk

All of us office workers spends loads of time at their desks typing away to get the job done. Unfortunately, we have the added pleasure of built-up bacteria. There’s always something on your desk you’ve used recently, whether an old cup of tea or the pot of pasta you just ate, that means it’s spreading bacteria. Wiping down the top of your desk probably takes less than 2 minutes, just do it! It keeps your office cleaner and you healthier.


Office door frame

Door handles are already prone to germs, but did anyone think about door frames? They’re a germ magnet too… ever thought about when people come in for a conversation and lean on your door frame or touch it? A quick wipe down never hurt anyone.



When was the last time you cleaned your telephone? 2, 3 weeks? Have you ever cleaned your telephone?

If not, when was the last time you ate your lunch then picked up the telephone? Yesterday? Earlier? A study found that on the average office phone there can be more than 25,127 germs per square inch! Need some wipes?



THE FRIDGE!!! Everyone goes in the fringe, food is stored in the fridge… clean your fridge! Don’t let bacteria take over, food it too precious! Try and only keep fresh foods in your office fridge, throw out anything that’s getting a little funky in smell straight away. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to wash your hands before you get your food out of the fridge…


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