DIY Office Decorations for this Christmas!

Deck the halls with… whatever you like! These simple decorations are perfect for putting the Office in Christmas spirit.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

All you would need is an old pair of socks (though you might want to wash them first), fabric and some beads, voila! A lovely little buddy to sit on your desk over the holidays… he won’t melt like the others either!

Snow is fallin’, in the office!

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Of course we’re going to include paper snowflakes… They’re simple, easy and these designs are fabulous! They take the art of snowflake snipping to a whole new level.

Simple, effective, festive pasta!


I love how easy these are to make, all you need is pasta, string and pretty paint! Add some glitter for a festive sparkling effect.

A wreath for all!


These mini wreaths are adorable, and not to mention will give the office a fresh rosemary scent! These could even be place names at the office Christmas party!

Not looking for a Christmas tree for the office? How about Christmas sticks?


I think these make for lovely make-shift Christmas trees, and you can put any DIY decorations on it to ass a little personal touch to the Office tree.

A star for the tree.


A simple, shiny star for the tree will add that touch of elegance.

A simple treat for everyone in the office.


Create a simple DIY advent that is creative, cheap and fun! You can always paint the tubes to make it prettier. Maybe some Christmas sparkle, too?

Cute as a carrot countdown to Christmas!


Lift your colleagues spirits with this easy to make snowman clock! Excitement will real in as Christmas gets closer.

Don’t worry, he’s not really melting!


Give the outside of the office a Christmas makeover with this cute melting snowman!

Is that the smell of Christmas?


This potpoourri is sure to get you in the Christmas Spirit with it’s array of festive smells… Cinnamon, orange, berries and more!

If you happen to indulge in some DIY Christmas Decor making, please share your pictures with us!

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