Spring Cleaning 101

Spring Cleaning can always be a daunting task, and for many an easily avoidable one. For the majority, though, the leisure time can only come once the work is done and the house sparkles. There are things you can do to minimise cleaning, or make the task seen more manageable at least.

If you’re going to Spring Clean, however, why slack? To ‘get in the zone’ many people feel it is effective to set out all supplies needed for the day, put on their favourite apron and playlist and get it done within half the day.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just give you an opportunity for an annual dust and polish, you can take the day to rid your home of the things you could do without; unnecessary, unsightly clutter that belongs in the bin. You notice a certain change in the home when it’s immaculately clean – like it’s the first time you’ve seen it. Before you even think about getting down and dirty, grab a whole load of trash bags and start filling them with objects your family no longer needs or have outgrown, e.g. clothes/ toys/ old schoolwork/ files. The rule: if you don’t love it, get RID! Anything broken or that serves no purpose to you may be useful at a charity shop or local shelter, which will make you feel better before you even get into it.spring

It’s always good to move your furniture around, too. Sometimes you may even find the room looks more spacious after a little adjustment.

You should always keep a mental checklist, or even create one, so you know exactly what you want to clean. If you’re in need of a good checklist, Tesco has thought of everything;


And most importantly… reward yourself at the end of the day. If it gets too late, stop working and relax however you do so. Whether you like to read, or enjoy a nice soak in the bath, you’ve worked hard and deserve a rest!

Don’t forget to flip the mattress!

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